PUBLIC NOTICE - Seeking Accommodation for Spring 2018 Management Interns

Deadline to apply September 29, 2017

The District of Lantzville will be welcoming two students from the University of Applied Administration studies in Ludwigsburg, Germany, as volunteer management interns in 2018: one during the period February 19th to May 18th and one during the period March 15th to June 14th. The dates for which their individual accommodation is required may change, subject to vacations and travel arrangements. The students are female and fluent in English. Preference will be given to accommodation providing internet access and located close to the Municipal Hall at 7192 Lantzville Road, or where the landlord or host family can provide some transportation assistance.

Click on the link below for more information:

Public Notice Seeking Accommodation for Spring 2018 Interns

Enjoy this unique opportunity to share Lantzville with an international guest in our community! Questions? Contact or call 250.390.4006.

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