Outdoor Burning and Permit Information

Message from the Fire Chief – Open Burning

Coastal Fire Centre lifted open fire prohibitions effective Noon September 26, 2016.
Effective September 26, 2016, and as per outlined in our Bylaw, people will be able to use an incinerator with a permit on Fridays and Saturdays until the end of day October 15th, as long as the ventilation index allows.
As of October 16th, backyard burning is open again as long as the requirements related to our Bylaw and the ventilation index are followed. An open air fire (AKA-burn pile, bonfire, backyard fire) is for yard clean-up - no prohibited materials may be burned. Details are available in the Bylaw.

Residents should be aware of some basic rules when burning in Lantzville.

October 16 - May 14 - Open burning is permitted without a permit. Conditions apply. Confirm...before you burn! Call Ministry of Environment at 1.888.281.2992 and follow the prompts to hear Environment Canada's daily ventilation index for Central Vancouver Island to confirm if burning is permitted. Outdoor burning is restricted when the index is POOR or FAIR. The conditions must be GOOD on the day you burn and GOOD or FAIR the following day in order to burn per the burning bylaw. Of note, a clear sunny day isn't a reliable indicator that you can burn - you must check the ventilation index. Be considerate of your neighbours when burning so you don't impact their daily routine or health. Burn materials hot, infrequently and ONLY when venting permits so the smoke goes straight up. For further information contact the Fire Chief at 250.390.2811 or visit www.lantzville.ca, for Burning Permit info. See the notes below regarding some basic rules about burning and consideration for your neighbours.

May 15 – October 15 - Open burning (fire piles on the ground) is closed. Incinerators are permitted at this time but could be closed at any time, as conditions dictate. Incinerators have a few rules applied and they also require a free permit available at the District Office. To print off a copy of the form, please click on the following link: Burning Permit. Note: Incinerators must be screened with a mesh no greater than approximately 1 inch and should always be burned as hot as possible. This helps to reduce smoke and ash.

For a copy of the Fire Protection Services Bylaw No. 86, and Amendment Bylaw 86.1 which expands the prohibited items in Item 32(a) please click on the following links or stop by our office: District of Lantzville Fire Protection Services Bylaw No. 86, 2010 and Fire Protection Services Amendment Bylaw No. 86.1, 2012.

Notes: Residents should be aware of a few basic rules when burning: the two most frequently overlooked are those of wind speed and venting. Burning is not permitted when wind speed exceeds 15 kph. This is anything much more than a gentle breeze. The venting index is a guide generally applied to burning on a larger scale but residents should be cognizant of smoke’s ability, or not, to escape. This is a gauge of how well the smoke you produce will rise and not seriously affect your home and others. Rainy days are seldom good days to burn. To view the Ministry of Environment venting index information and link to the index, visit:

Ministry of Environment Venting Index Information

Remember, when you burn, if you find the smoke or the ash fallout offensive at your place, chances are your neighbour does as well.

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